Here is what some of our clients are saying:

“When we first considered your service we didn’t feel there would be much of an opportunity for you. We had worked closely with two of the “Big 4” accounting firms and felt that they had discovered all of the tax refund opportunities that were available for us. Nevertheless, we felt we had nothing to lose so why not give it a try. I am glad we did. The $311,000 in tax savings has certainly helped our cash flow.”

“I was pleasantly surprised with the little time that was required on our part. You reviewed our filings, prepared the refund claims, and handled the discussions with the tax authorities.”

Fred Stewart
Director of Tax
Contech Engineered Solutions

“When it was suggested to me that I consider your tax recovery audit service, I felt that this would be just another time consuming project resulting in no benefit to our company. Boy was I wrong. I now want to take this opportunity to thank you for the service you provided Braun Industries Incorporated. You were able to identify over $200,000 of tax savings. These savings were overlooked by the company and our CPA firm and would have gone undetected, but for your efforts.”

Dale Schroeder
Vice President Finance
Braun Industries Incorporated

“At first we were reluctant to bring you in, but thought it would be a good idea to get a free second opinion. I am very glad I did. I was impressed with your ability to review the returns in a timely and professional manner with very little commitment from me. Not only did you identify $175,000 of tax savings, you also prepared amended returns, and showed us how to implement the strategies on our future tax filings.”

Robert J McCoy
Art Technologies, Inc.

“My initial concern, that the reverse tax audit would consume a large amount of my time, with little result, proved to be wrong. After all, with our CPA firm having prepared our recent returns, we felt that we were receiving the best tax advice available. Needless to say, we were pleasantly surprised when you discovered $200,000 of additional tax savings on our Federal, Ohio, and Texas tax returns.”

“I was also pleased with the minimal amount of time commitment required to assist you in your analysis. You were able to work around my hectic schedule and we were not required to spend a large amount of time pulling information or copying items for you.”

Dale R. Shrider
Vice President Finance
Columbus Industries, Inc.

“Even though our returns were prepared by a very respectable accounting firm, you were able to save us over $130,000. I now know that I should always get a second opinion because the financial benefits can be quite significant.”

“Thank you again for finding missed opportunities on our Federal Income Tax returns, and our Michigan and Texas returns. Our CPA firm would never have discovered the tax refund opportunities that you identified. I would be happy to recommend your tax recovery audit service to other companies.”

Don Guy
Chief Financial Officer